Melting Moments – Science Experiments


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Have a look at the photos taken whilst 3/4 V students conducted various experiments.

We looked at how cheese, chocolate and butter turns from a solid to a liquid.


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Dear Ms Valvo,
The experiments were a fun activity, but I was scared of the flame. I got to melt the cheese, it was fun and exciting!!

From Ryan,

I liked all the photos you took of the experiments. I liked how when we melted the items it looked like we were cooking from a pan. Unfortunately, I had to go to Enrichment Program, so sadly I missed out on doing all the experiments.


I think the experiments were a lot of fun but I missed 2 of them because I had to go to Enrichment Program 🙁 but at least I got to do 1 of them 🙂

from Aimy

From Dylan,
I liked it when we put the solids near the candle and it started to bubble. It was pretty cool. It was like we were cooking. It was an awesome experience.

From Jennifer,
I liked doing the experiments because it was like we were cooking. I loved melting the chocolate but I wanted to eat it! The cheese was sizzling like it was in the frying pan.

Yours Truly,

Dear Mrs Valvo,
I loved doing the experiments but why was the ‘cooling: water and jelly’ on the board? Are we cooling the water and jelly in the future because I would want to have the experience to see it turn into a solid.

From Alexander

Hey Alexander…
Wait and see… You might get some JELLY later in the week! 🙂

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