Swimming in 3/4V 2017


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Dear Miss Valvo,
I have really really really loved
swimming because it’s so much FUN!.

from Blossom

Dear Miss valvo
I really like swimming .
Thanks for putting the pictures
Thank you

Dear 3/4v,
I loved going swimming.My favourite part of swimming was the fun day.Which was Friday.I really hope I come back, I am not too sure we still go on grade 5/6.

From Thomas

Dear Miss Valvo,
I had the best time at swimming. The best part was going to the deep end. I wish we can go there again.
From Kaylee

Hi I love swimming and my teacher is in the photo
From Sarah

Dear 3/4 V
Your blog is so great now I really like it! It looks like you had a lot of fun at swimmming!

From. Caitlyn in 3/4 Murphy

Dear Miss Valvo,
I really, really enjoyed looking at the photos of the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens and the swimming photos. I really enjoyed going to the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens and I had lots of fun at swimming. Thank you so, so much for putting the photos up on our blog. I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos too! Thank you!

To: Miss Valvo
From: Ruby

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